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Knowledge Base Software

If You Said YES, To Any Of These Questions

Does Your Company Email New Information And Procedures To Your Staff?

Does Your Company Provide Folders And Stacks Of Materials For Training?

Dose Your Company Provide Information On A Shared Drives, In Word, Pdf, Excel Etc.. ?

Knowledge Base Software

Does Your Company Provide Training By Sharing Information From One Staff Members Expertise To Another?

Do Your Managers Spend Most Of Their Day Answering Questions?

Do Your Managers Spend Half Their Day Answering The Same Questions?

Your Process Is Antiquated!!
and a internal knowledge base is needed.

Why Title KB as a internal knowledge base?

Centralizing Information

Centralize documentation and information on 1 platform.

Custom Permissions

Set permissions to control access to articles and information. 

Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited custom categories and subcategories.

Unlimited Custom Articles

Create, edit and search unlimited articles

Controlled Access to Information

Title KB is a fully hosted platform with a unique custom URL for secure access to information.

Before Title KB

Knowledge Base Software

After Title KB

Knowledge Base Software

internal knowledge base

Title KB dashboard

User friendly platform to access all information that is required for daily staff duties.


Information And Knowledge Is Key To Any Successful Business.

With employees working in the office and remote, it becomes very difficult to communicate updates and changes in daily production.

Having access to information at your fingertips increases efficiency and productivity.